Trend Alert: Forget Roses this Valentine's Day, It's all About Cauliflower!

seasoned cauliflower

Move over, roses; there's a new flower in town. Show your sweetheart a little love this Valentine's Day with a tasty cauliflower dinner for two (or three, or four, or ten! Because the latest cauliflower trends might be the easiest way to get those veggies onto the plates of your little ones).

Gone are the days of only enjoying cauliflower steamed or raw and dunked in veggie dip. Today, more and more chefs, foodies and kitchen experimenters are finding inventive and delicious ways to serve up this healthy vegetable bouquet. Been on Pinterest lately? It's flooded with novel and easy cauliflower meals, soups, salads and appetizers.
Cauliflower has gained popularity among foodies for its low-carb flavor and versatility. And it's cruciferous, which means it contains certain nutrients that contribute to the reduction of cancer. Other health benefits of cauliflower include: 
  • HIgh amounts of vitamin C
  • Good source of fiber and folate
  • Contains no fat or cholesterol with low calories and sodium
And did you know cauliflower is grown here in the Great Lakes State? Get to know Michigan vegetable farmer Jason Ruhlig and learn about the care he and his family take to grow cauliflower.
And of course we wouldn't leave you without a few of these trending cauliflower recipes! Enjoy.
Looking to pick up some cauliflower for that new recipe? Keep these tips in mind at the grocery store or farmers market:
  • Choose those that are clean and firm with white, compact heads
  • Leaves should be green and crisp
  • Avoid heads with brown spots, speckles, bruises, or loose open floret clusters

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